Original GOAT Custom Wallets Joins Brooke Storer Motorsports for the Snowball Derby

November 28, 2020 – Brooke Storer Motorsports is proud to announce that Original GOAT Custom Wallets of Tallahassee, Florida has come aboard the No.9 for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby.

“I’m so proud to have Original GOAT Custom Wallets come aboard for the Derby,” said Brooke Storer. “To have a female owned business partner with our brand means the world to me. I can’t wait to put their logo on our No.9.”

Original GOAT is a family owned business located in Tallahassee, FL. We have been doing custom design and precision manufacturing since 2004. When the minimalist wallet hit the market, we absolutely loved the idea, but did NOT love the plain designs nor the damage to our credit cards when constantly rubbed against aluminum or, even worse, carbon fiber plates. So, we went to work and found space-age materials that allowed us to create slim wallets that would block RFID signals, and protect our credit cards from the inside and out. Finally, we added our TRIBE’s personal touch, by adding custom designs that are far from plain! Original GOAT was born.

“We have been watching Brooke through her journey this year and have seen a young lady
that is driven, but also very grounded,” said Original Goat owner Catherine Crumb. “We love that she is pursuing her dreams, but in a strategic and patient way, as opposed to taking the quick route and becoming a star that flashes brightly but burns out quickly! We can relate with those that take the road less traveled, as that is our daily journey! As a woman owned business, we love to support other women that are trailblazers in their world but stay true to their roots! We are so honored to have Brooke join our OG TRIBE and for us to be able to join her.”

To learn more about Original GOAT and check out their products visit them at OriginalGOAT.com

Fans can watch the Original GOAT No.9 race Saturday December fifth at Five Flags Speedway as part of the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby weekend. Those that cannot make it to Pensacola, can visit Speed.TV to watch it live.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release