The Blue Gator Tiki Bar Joins Brooke Storer Motorsports

The Blue Gator Tiki Bar & Restaurant has joined on as a sponsor for Brooke Storer and Brooke Storer for the rest of the 2021 season.  The Dunnelton, FL-based restaurant will sponsor the Zephyrhills, FL driver’s efforts in the Wheel Man Sportsman Series and beyond.

Blue Gator Tiki Bar & Restaurant has been supportive of short track racing throughout Central Florida, sponsoring several drivers throughout the region.  Storer becomes the latest driver to carry Blue Gator as a sponsor as she chases after the Wheel Man championship.

“That’s a very cool deal with Bob Jewett coming on board for the rest of the season.  I really look forward to being able to promote Blue Gator Tiki Bar for the rest of the year,” Storer said.  “He’s a great guy and him promoting the sport like he does, I think it’s great. 

“Me and multiple other racers are able to carry Blue Gator on the cars and I’m looking forward to meeting all of them.  I’m hoping to get to Blue Gator for one of these Inverness (Citrus County Speedway) races, it’s a really cool spot.”

The Blue Gator Tiki Bar & Restaurant is located in Dunnelton, FL and offers great food, ice cold beer and a relaxing tiki bar atmosphere.  Blue Gator is a part of the Angler’s Resort Motel, which also offers boat rentals, airboat tours, and great fishing.

 Storer will be making a full run in the Wheel Man Sportsman Series in 2021, just one year removed from leading the series in wins.  While chasing after the championship with the Wheel Man Series, she also hopes to lock down the Auburndale Speedway Sportsman Championship as well.

Brooke Storer Motorsports is always searching for new partners for her racing efforts.  Those interested in sponsoring Storer can do so at

About Brooke Storer:

Zephyrhills, FL’s Brooke Storer began her racing career at eight years old in Go-Karts and ascended through the ranks, winning championships in several classes throughout the state of Florida.  She currently competes full-time in the Wheel Man Sportsman Series, where she finished third in series points in 2020 while winning four races.

You can follow Storer on Twitter at @brookestorer9, on Instagram at @brookes_9, and be sure to “Like” Brooke Storer Motorsports on Facebook.

About Hype Motorsports:

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Weekend Preview: Frostbite 200

January 28, 2021 – Brooke Storer and the Brooke Storer Motorsports crew are set to go 200 laps at 4-17 Southern Speedway this weekend in the $10,000 to win Frostbite 200. Storer and the team will look to cash in on the sports longest race and largest payday.

“I’m so thrilled to be heading down to 4-17 Southern Speedway this weekend,” said Storer. ” I feel as though this is one of our better tracks. We have Jason Boyd up top calling the shots, and we proved last weekend that our No.9 is back and just as fast as ever.”

“We’re gunning for that $10,000 grand prize,” Storer continued. “All eyes will be on us to perform and I want to put on a show for my partners Parks and Long, OG Custom Wallets, Pets for Patriots, Hype Motorsports, Gulf Coast Mini Splits, and Eibach Springs. These amazing companies believe in me and in what I do, and I want to perform for not only them, but my amazing fanbase as well.”

Fans can watch Brooke Storer and more than forty of Florida’s best sportsman hit the track Saturday night at 4-17 Southern Speedway live on Sunshine State Racing starting at 7:30pm.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

Original GOAT Joins Brooke Storer Motorsports for 2021 Season

January 27, 2021 – Brooke Storer Motorsports is proud to announce that it’s teamed up with Original GOAT Custom Wallets for the 2021 racing season. As such, Original GOAT will ride along with Brooke not only on the track but in her pocket, as the leader in custom, slim, RFID Blocking carbon fiber and aluminum metal wallets. 

“Original GOAT is excited to again have the opportunity to work with Brooke Storer Motorsports for the 2021 season,” said Catherine Crumb of Original GOAT. “As part of this collaboration, beginning February 1st, we will be bringing Brooke’s very own custom wallet design to our website, so make sure to come by and check that out and grab one for yourself.  We are looking forward to a year of growth and success for us both, and can’t wait to see what this season brings! 

One-hundred percent made in the USA. Original GOAT custom wallets are set to take the racing world by storm.

“I’m so proud to have Original Goat Custom Wallets back on my racecar for the 2021 season,” said Storer. “When the O.G. brand came on-board with us last year for the Derby things just instantly clicked. Now, not only do I have a great sponsor, I have a partnership with some great people and our own line of wallets coming out in February.”

“Please support those who support myself, and check out their amazing product line at,” Storer continued. “I love my Original Goat Custom Wallet and you will too.”

Fans who order their own Original Goat Custom Wallet at get 10% off with the Promo Code: BS9

And don’t forget to check out the Original Goat No.9 on the racetrack this weekend at 4-17 Southern Speedway. 

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

Storer Enters Auburndale Warming Up For Frostbite 200

January 21, 2021 – Brooke Storer Motorsports has entered the Twin Freeze 50 at Auburndale Speedway looking to shake down the No.9 ahead of the biggest Sportsman race of the year, the Frostbite 200.

“I’m excited to head back to Auburndale this weekend to shake down our No.9,” said Storer. “We ended last year on a bit of a low note, so I want to make sure our car is 100% ready when we head down to Punta Gorda next week. When we saw this race on the calendar, I instantly knew we had to have the car ready.”

While Storer’s goal is to shake down the car, don’t be shocked to find the No.9 up front competing for the win.

“I don’t go into any race without planning on winning,” Storer continued. “We’re going to attack this race like any other race we attend. Just with a little more emphasis on practice.”

All this preparation leads up to the $10,000 to win Frostbite 200, Saturday January 30th at 4-17 Southern Speedway.

Fans car visit the Auburndale Speedway website for race details ands start times at

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

Down South Auctions Joins Brooke Storer Motorsports for the Snowball Derby

November 30, 2020 – Brooke Storer Motorsports welcomes it’s newest partner Down South Auctions of Oak Hill, FL to the fold beginning with the 2020 Snowball Derby.

“I’m thrilled to have Ron and the team from Down South Auctions join our Snowball Derby effort,” said Brooke Storer. “They’re based out of Oak Hill, not too far from New Smyrna Speedway. So to take a chance on our small family team so far out of their market just means so much to me. I hope we can represent them well, start driving traffic to their Saturday night auctions, and carry their colors well into 2021.”

Offering everything from collectibles to tools, NASCAR die-casts to fishing gear, antiques and estates. You never know what Down South Auctions might have.
As a full service auction house, they have the ability to turn your treasures into cash. Check them out every Saturday night at 6:00pm.

Learn more about Down South Auctions on their Facebook Page .

Fans can watch Down South Auctions ride alongside the No.9 in the Outlaw Stock 50 at Five Flags Speedway Saturday December Fifth. Those unable to make the trek up to Pensacola can watch it live on Speed51.TV.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

J Hart Enterprises Joins Brooke Storer Motorsports for the Snowball Derby

J Hart Enterprises Joins BSM for Snowball Derby

November 29, 2020 – Brooke Storer Motorsports is proud to have J Hart Enterprises onboard for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway.

“Justin approached us back when we first started discussing racing the Derby this year and he quickly jumped onboard,” said Brooke Storer. “Last year he went to Victory Lane on the Rear 1/4 Panel of Travis Braden’s Famous No.26. Hopefully we can replicate that success this year.”

Race fans will be on the lookout for the J Hart Enterprises logo on the lower rear quarter panel of the No.9 Outlaw Stock Saturday December 5th as part of the Snowball Derby weekend.

“Justin is a huge part of the racing community in the Midwest,” said Hype Motorsports Director of Marketing Allick Jorgensen. “He doesn’t support just any driver. He supports drivers he knows are going to win. He’s chosen a winner in Brooke and I’m excited to see her take him back to victory lane once again.”

Fans who can’t make the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby weekend can watch the race live on Speed51.TV.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

Original GOAT Custom Wallets Joins Brooke Storer Motorsports for the Snowball Derby

November 28, 2020 – Brooke Storer Motorsports is proud to announce that Original GOAT Custom Wallets of Tallahassee, Florida has come aboard the No.9 for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby.

“I’m so proud to have Original GOAT Custom Wallets come aboard for the Derby,” said Brooke Storer. “To have a female owned business partner with our brand means the world to me. I can’t wait to put their logo on our No.9.”

Original GOAT is a family owned business located in Tallahassee, FL. We have been doing custom design and precision manufacturing since 2004. When the minimalist wallet hit the market, we absolutely loved the idea, but did NOT love the plain designs nor the damage to our credit cards when constantly rubbed against aluminum or, even worse, carbon fiber plates. So, we went to work and found space-age materials that allowed us to create slim wallets that would block RFID signals, and protect our credit cards from the inside and out. Finally, we added our TRIBE’s personal touch, by adding custom designs that are far from plain! Original GOAT was born.

“We have been watching Brooke through her journey this year and have seen a young lady
that is driven, but also very grounded,” said Original Goat owner Catherine Crumb. “We love that she is pursuing her dreams, but in a strategic and patient way, as opposed to taking the quick route and becoming a star that flashes brightly but burns out quickly! We can relate with those that take the road less traveled, as that is our daily journey! As a woman owned business, we love to support other women that are trailblazers in their world but stay true to their roots! We are so honored to have Brooke join our OG TRIBE and for us to be able to join her.”

To learn more about Original GOAT and check out their products visit them at

Fans can watch the Original GOAT No.9 race Saturday December fifth at Five Flags Speedway as part of the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby weekend. Those that cannot make it to Pensacola, can visit Speed.TV to watch it live.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

Reliable Equipment and Lift Joins Team Storer

November 26, 2020 – This Thanksgiving we at Brooke Storer Motorsports are most thankful for family, friends, health, and our amazing partners. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that Reliable Equipment and Lift, Inc of Panama City, Florida has come onboard as a Primary Sponsor of our No.9 for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby.

“I’m so thrilled to have Reliable join team Storer for this year’s Snowball Derby, said Brooke Storer. We’ve known Matt and his family since our days racing karts. So to have his company come on-board just means that much more.”

Reliable Equipment and Lift, Inc. is located in Panama City, FL and offers automotive shop equipment sales and service at competitive prices for shops of all sizes in the Southeast. Whether you are an auto enthusiast with a small garage or large service center, we have the right equipment for the job. We are your local distributor for automotive lifts, wheel balancers, alignment racks, air compressors, industrial fans, and hose reels, made by the best brands in the industry such as Rotary, Hunter, Graco, Shure, Saylor-Beall, MacroAir, and Harvey Exhaust.

“Reliable Equipment and Lift takes pride in supporting the car community by sponsoring local racers, tracks and events, said Reliable President Matt Lewis. Knowing Brooke from her kart racing days and following her career on social media made investing in her an easy decision when we found out she was coming to Five Flags. She is a true racer, both on and off the track. We feel she will continue to do great things and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.”

“She is a true racer, both on and off the track.” – Matt Lewis

Fans unable to make the trek to Pensacola can watch the Brooke Storer Motorsports/Brusso Motorsports Reliable Equipment and Lift No.9 Outlaw race live at Five Flags Speedway Saturday December 5th on Speed51.TV.


Phone Number: 850-381-4744





The Blue Gator Comes Aboard For Snowball Derby

November 19, 2020 – We at Brooke Storer Motorsports is proud to announce that The Blue Gator Tiki Bar and Restaurant has come aboard for this year’s Snowball Derby! This marks the first major sponsorship announcement as we prepare to head up to Pensacola in two weeks!

“I’m so proud to have The Blue Gator Tiki Bar and Restaurant come aboard for the Snowball Derby, said Brooke Storer. “They’re a staple sponsor in the Wheel Man Series and great supporters of Short Track Racing. I can’t wait to put them on our car for the Derby and represent them on the racetrack.”

The Blue Gator Tiki Bar and Restaurant is located in beautiful  Dunnellon, FL just off of South Williams Street. Famous for their vast menu of local favorites, air-boat tours, and boat rentals. The Blue Gator Tiki Bar is a must stop location to experience the Florida lifestyle. Check out their menu today at

With the days counting down to the Snowball Derby now is the time to get your company on-board Brooke’s famous No.9. With pricing available to fit every budget, there’s no better time to join #TeamStorer. Call Hype Motorsports today at (877)-470-HYPE to get pricing and availability!

Fans can also support Brooke Storer Motorsports by purchasing a Lap Sponsorship here.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

Ride Along With Brooke at The Snowball Derby

I’m happy to announce that we’re making preparations to race this year’s Snowball Derby Outlaw Stock 50 at 5 Flags Speedway! It’s by far the most prestigious race of our season, yet also the hardest on our modest family racing budget. So, we’ve partnered with Wildlife, Inc a local non-profit dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of animals, to both create an amazing opportunity for my fans to ride with me around 5 Flags Speedway as a lap sponsor, but also give back to our community.

Step 1: Choose a commitment level. Each Level has it’s own thank you gift including a Signed Hero Card.

Level 1

Receive a signed Hero Card.

Level 2

Receive a signed Hero Card and Koozie.

Level 3

Recieve a signed Hero Card, a Koozie, and a Nikita Plushie.

Level 4

Receive a Signed Hero Card, a Koozie, a Nikita Plushie, and a Special Edition T-Shirt.

Step 2: Donate!

Click Here To Become a Lap Sponsor Today!

All names of sponsors or their pets if provided will be written on the hood of my racecar and after the event one name will be drawn to win the hood from the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby #9 Outlaw car with the largest donor receiving a pair of signed racing gloves!

Step 3: We donate a portion of the proceeds to Wildlife, Inc!

A portion of each donation will be donated directly to Wildlife, Inc the week after the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby.

Thank you for your commitment to Brooke Storer Motorsports and Wildlife, Inc!